世界*实验材料供应商 Hooke Laboratories 上海金畔生物为其中国代理, Hooke Laboratories 在一直是行业的*,一直为广大科研客户提供zui为的产品和服务,上海金畔生物一直秉承为中国科研客户带来的产品,的服务, Hooke Laboratories 就是为了给广大科研客户带来更加完善的产品和服务,您的满意将是我们zui大的收获

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Hooke Laboratories is named after Robert Hooke, F.R.S. (1635-1703), the world's first professional scientist and discoverer of the biological cell.

Robert Hooke is best remembered today as the author of Micrographia (London, 1665), the first publication of observations and experiments made using a microscope, and for Hooke's Law of Elasticity. However, Hooke was passionay interested in all branches of science, as well as architecture, mechanics, and measurement.

In his early years, Hooke was best known as an instrument maker par excellence – he was employed by Robert Boyle to construct his “Pneumatical Engine” (vacuum pump), and built the first Gregorian escope for James Gregory.

Hooke was an early Fellow of the (British) Royal Society, and served as its first Curator of Experiments, performing three to four major experiments each week to be reported to the Society. Later, he served as Secretary to the Royal Society.

In addition to his scientific pursuits, Hooke somehow found time to act as Surveyor of the City of London, laying out the rebuilding after the Great Fire, and as a partner inChristopher Wren's architectural firm. Among Hooke's designs are the Royal College of Physicians, Bethlem Hospital (Bedlam), and theMonument of London – today still the tallest isolated stone column in the world, Hooke designed it to double as an astronomical instrument, with a hole running through the 202 foot height of the building, leading to a basement observatory.


货号 品名 目标价(RMB) 品牌
EK-2110 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 5746  Hooke Laboratories
EK-2160 MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX  30090  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0120 PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion 5882  Hooke Laboratories
EK-2120 PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion PTX 7072  Hooke Laboratories
EK-3110 gpMBP69-88/CFA Emulsion 5151  Hooke Laboratories
EK-3111 gpMBP69-88/CFA Emulsion PTX 6341  Hooke Laboratories
LT-0105 PTX vial, lyophilized, 5 ug 1190  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0113 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 1X 6409  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0110 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 1.5X 6409  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0112 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 2.5X 6783  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0114 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 3.75X 7327  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0115 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 5X 8058  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0116 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX 7X 8976  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0162 MOG1-125/CFA Emulstion PTX 2.5X 33269  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0164 MOG1-125/CFA Emulstion PTX 3.75X 33711  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0121 PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion PTX 7752  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0123 PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion PTXx2 8160  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0210 Chicken Collagen/CFA Emulsion 6154  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0211 Chicken Collagen/IFA Emulsion 5763  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0220 Bovine Collagen/CFA Emulsion 6154  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0221 Bovine Collagen/IFA Emulsion 5763  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0111 MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion 4539  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0122 PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion 5882  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0130 MBP1-17/CFA Emulsion 3876  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0132 OVA323-339 Emulsion 6341  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0133 mBSA/CFA Emulsion 3876  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0301 Ovalbumin/CFA Emulsion 3876  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0311 Ovalbumin/IFA Emulsion 3672  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0302 Pigeon cytochrome c/CFA Emulsion 3876  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0312 Pigeon Cytochrome c/IFA Emulsion 3672  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0303 Hen Egg Lysozyme/CFA Emulsion 3876  Hooke Laboratories
EK-0313 Hen Egg Lysozyme/IFA Emulsion 3672  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0111 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0120 Hooke Control Kit™  4743  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0122 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0130 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0132 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0133 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0210 Hooke Control Kit™  4981  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0211 Hooke Control Kit™  4556  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0220 Hooke Control Kit™  4981  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0221 Hooke Control Kit™  4556  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0301 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0302 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0303 Hooke Control Kit™  2703  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0311 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0312 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0313 Hooke Control Kit™  2788  Hooke Laboratories
CK-2110 Hooke Control Kit™  4352  Hooke Laboratories
CK-2120 Hooke Control Kit™  4352  Hooke Laboratories
CK-2160 Hooke Control Kit™  4352  Hooke Laboratories
CK-3110 Hooke Control Kit™  3876  Hooke Laboratories
CK-3111 Hooke Control Kit™  4760  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5111 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5120 Hooke Control Kit™  2873  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5122 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5130 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5132 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5133 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5301 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5302 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5303 Hooke Control Kit™  1853  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5311 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5312 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5313 Hooke Control Kit™  1904  Hooke Laboratories
CK-7110 Hooke Control Kit™  3383  Hooke Laboratories
CK-7120 Hooke Control Kit™  3383  Hooke Laboratories
CK-7160 Hooke Control Kit™  3383  Hooke Laboratories
CK-8110 Hooke Control Kit™  2448  Hooke Laboratories
CK-8111 Hooke Control Kit™  3587  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0110 Hooke Control Kit™  3570  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0112 Hooke Control Kit™  3961  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0113 Hooke Control Kit™  3570  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0114 Hooke Control Kit™  4352  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0115 Hooke Control Kit™  5066  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0116 Hooke Control Kit™  5967  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0121 Hooke Control Kit™  5151  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0123 Hooke Control Kit™  5525  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0162 Hooke Control Kit™  3961  Hooke Laboratories
CK-0164 Hooke Control Kit™  4352  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5110 Hooke Control Kit™  2295  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5112 Hooke Control Kit™  2482  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5113 Hooke Control Kit™  2295  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5114 Hooke Control Kit™  2686  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5115 Hooke Control Kit™  3043  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5116 Hooke Control Kit™  3485  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5121 Hooke Control Kit™  3077  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5123 Hooke Control Kit™  3264  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5162 Hooke Control Kit™  2482  Hooke Laboratories
CK-5164 Hooke Control Kit™  2686  Hooke Laboratories
DS-0111 MOG35-55 solution, 100x, 2 mg 2363  Hooke Laboratories
DS-0121 PLP139-151 solution, 100x, 2 mg 2363  Hooke Laboratories
DS-0131 MBP1-17 solution, 100x, 2 mg 2193  Hooke Laboratories
DS-0141 OVA323-339 solution, 100x, 2 mg 2363  Hooke Laboratories
DS-0151 gpMBP69-88 in solution, 100x, 2 mg 2363  Hooke Laboratories
SZ-0101 FBS for T cell culture, 100 mL 1921  Hooke Laboratories
SZ-0501 FBS for T cell culture, 500 mL 6613  Hooke Laboratories