Humanzyme 2017报价表

HumanZyme, Inc. is the global leader in providing highly authentic recombinant human proteins from human cells. Our process is cost-effective and scalable making our proteins suitable for the research, diagnostic, drug discovery and biopharmaceutical markets. HumanZyme leverages its proprietary engineered human cells, expression vector, and cell culture media to ensure high-yield production of recombinant proteins with native human post-translational modifications, such as disulfide bonds and glycosylation. We are a leading provider of cytokines and growth factors and a preferred outsourcing supplier of human protein production. Our products and services support a broad range of customers worldwide–from academic and government research institutions to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.



货号 品名 规格 价格 品牌
HZ-1136 Activin A 2ug 1717 Humanzyme
HZ-1138 Activin A 10ug 6086 Humanzyme
HZ-1140 Activin A 100ug 51119 Humanzyme
HZ-1141 Activin A 1000ug 153340 Humanzyme
HZ-1222 beta NGF 10ug 1870 Humanzyme
HZ-1223 beta NGF 100ug 5406 Humanzyme
HZ-1264 beta NGF 1000ug 30668 Humanzyme
HZ-1128 BMP-2 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1129 BMP-2 100ug 27047 Humanzyme
HZ-1130 BMP-2 1000ug 96322 Humanzyme
HZ-1045 BMP-4 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1148 BMP-4 100ug 38335 Humanzyme
HZ-1078 BMP-4 1000ug 117946 Humanzyme
HZ-1229 BMP -7 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1230 BMP -7 100ug 38335 Humanzyme
HZ-1231 BMP -7 1000ug 153340 Humanzyme
HZ-1211 Cystatin C 10ug 3519 Humanzyme
HZ-1266 Cystatin C 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1212 Cystatin C 1000ug 62917 Humanzyme
HZ-1168 EPO 10ug 4318 Humanzyme
HZ-1169 EPO 100ug 17493 Humanzyme
HZ-1079 EPO 1000ug 78642 Humanzyme
HZ-1218 FGF-4 10ug 1870 Humanzyme
HZ-1219 FGF-4 100ug 15334 Humanzyme
HZ-1220 FGF-4 1000ug 58803 Humanzyme
HZ-1100 FGF-7 (KGF) 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1106 FGF-7 (KGF) 100ug 27047 Humanzyme
HZ-1171 FGF-7 (KGF) 1000ug 102221 Humanzyme
HZ-1103 FGF-8b 10ug 2159 Humanzyme
HZ-1104 FGF-8b 100ug 11594 Humanzyme
HZ-1105 FGF-8b 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1285 FGF basic-TS 10ug 1887 Humanzyme
HZ-1286 FGF basic-TS 50ug 8500 Humanzyme
HZ-1291 FGF basic-TS 100ug 16694 Humanzyme
HZ-1287 FGF basic-TS 1000ug 47175 Humanzyme
HZ-1151 FLT3 Ligand 10ug 3519 Humanzyme
HZ-1152 FLT3 Ligand 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1080 FLT3 Ligand 1000ug 70346 Humanzyme
HZ-1207 G-CSF 10ug 2805 Humanzyme
HZ-1172 G-CSF 100ug 18683 Humanzyme
HZ-1081 G-CSF 1000ug 78642 Humanzyme
HZ-1002 GM-CSF 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1173 GM-CSF 100ug 27047 Humanzyme
HZ-1082 GM-CSF 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1084 HGF 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1174 HGF 100ug 38352 Humanzyme
HZ-1083 HGF 1000ug 86564 Humanzyme
HZ-1007 HGH 10ug 2856 Humanzyme
HZ-1175 HGH 100ug 14433 Humanzyme
HZ-1176 HGH 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1066 IFN alpha 2A 10ug 3060 Humanzyme
HZ-1067 IFN alpha 2A 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1093 IFN alpha 2A 1000ug 98294 Humanzyme
HZ-1072 IFN alpha 2B 10ug 3060 Humanzyme
HZ-1177 IFN alpha 2B 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1094 IFN alpha 2B 1000ug 98294 Humanzyme
HZ-1164 IL-1 beta 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1165 IL-1 beta 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1166 IL-1 beta 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1015 IL-2 10ug 2720 Humanzyme
HZ-1181 IL-2 100ug 9010 Humanzyme
HZ-1182 IL-2 1000ug 36074 Humanzyme
HZ-1074 IL-3 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1184 IL-3 100ug 14433 Humanzyme
HZ-1185 IL-3 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1004 IL-4 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1186 IL-4 100ug 19839 Humanzyme
HZ-1075 IL-4 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1019 IL-6 10ug 2720 Humanzyme
HZ-1188 IL-6 100ug 14433 Humanzyme
HZ-1189 IL-6 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1281 IL-7 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1282 IL-7 100ug 27047 Humanzyme
HZ-1283 IL-7 1000ug 99195 Humanzyme
HZ-1240 IL-9 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1241 IL-9 100ug 28849 Humanzyme
HZ-1242 IL-9 1000ug 102221 Humanzyme
HZ-1145 IL-10 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1146 IL-10 100ug 23443 Humanzyme
HZ-1147 IL-10 1000ug 78642 Humanzyme
HZ-1256 IL-12 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1257 IL-12 100ug 32470 Humanzyme
HZ-1258 IL-12 1000ug 116331 Humanzyme
HZ-1113 IL-17 (IL-17A) 10ug 1717 Humanzyme
HZ-1132 IL-17 (IL-17A) 100ug 13532 Humanzyme
HZ-1133 IL-17 (IL-17A) 1000ug 64923 Humanzyme
HZ-1116 IL-17F 10ug 1717 Humanzyme
HZ-1134 IL-17F 100ug 13532 Humanzyme
HZ-1135 IL-17F 1000ug 64923 Humanzyme
HZ-1254 IL-23 10ug 4913 Humanzyme
HZ-1261 IL-23 100ug 29495 Humanzyme
HZ-1262 IL-23 1000ug 192644 Humanzyme
HZ-1275 IL-27 10ug 5236 Humanzyme
HZ-1276 IL-27 100ug 34272 Humanzyme
HZ-1277 IL-27 1000ug 140675 Humanzyme
HZ-1235 IL-28A 10ug 3519 Humanzyme
HZ-1236 IL-28A 100ug 25245 Humanzyme
HZ-1237 IL-28A 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1245 IL-28B 10ug 3519 Humanzyme
HZ-1246 IL-28B 100ug 25245 Humanzyme
HZ-1247 IL-28B 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1156 IL-29 10ug 3519 Humanzyme
HZ-1157 IL-29 100ug 25245 Humanzyme
HZ-1158 IL-29 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1192 M-CSF 10ug 3723 Humanzyme
HZ-1193 M-CSF 100ug 23443 Humanzyme
HZ-1039 M-CSF 1000ug 78642 Humanzyme
HZ-1109 LEFTY-1 10ug 5321 Humanzyme
HZ-1190 LEFTY-1 100ug 38335 Humanzyme
HZ-1191 LEFTY-1 1000ug 186762 Humanzyme
HZ-1292 LIF  10ug 2788 Humanzyme
HZ-1293 LIF  100ug 16609 Humanzyme
HZ-1294 LIF  1000ug 45509 Humanzyme
HZ-1118 Noggin 10ug 3247 Humanzyme
HZ-1120 Noggin 100ug 16235 Humanzyme
HZ-1085 Noggin 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1030 OSM 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1195 OSM 100ug 23443 Humanzyme
HZ-1086 OSM 1000ug 78642 Humanzyme
HZ-1215 PDGFaa 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1270 PDGFaa 100ug 19669 Humanzyme
HZ-1216 PDGFaa 1000ug 58973 Humanzyme
HZ-1161 pro-IGF-II 10ug 1717 Humanzyme
HZ-1162 pro-IGF-II 100ug 7208 Humanzyme
HZ-1163 pro-IGF-II 1000ug 45084 Humanzyme
HZ-1278 Pleiotrophin (PTN) 10ug 2176 Humanzyme
HZ-1279 Pleiotrophin (PTN) 100ug 10829 Humanzyme
HZ-1280 Pleiotrophin (PTN) 1000ug 55386 Humanzyme
HZ-1024 SCF 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1197 SCF 100ug 31569 Humanzyme
HZ-1198 SCF 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1011 TGF beta 1 5ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1131 TGF beta 1 100ug 39678 Humanzyme
HZ-1087 TGF beta 1 1000ug 155295 Humanzyme
HZ-1092 TGF beta 2 5ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1199 TGF beta 2 100ug 39678 Humanzyme
HZ-1088 TGF beta 2 1000ug 155295 Humanzyme
HZ-1090 TGF beta 3 5ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1200 TGF beta 3 100ug 39678 Humanzyme
HZ-1142 TGF beta 3 1000ug 155295 Humanzyme
HZ-1014 TNF alpha 10ug 1802 Humanzyme
HZ-1201 TNF alpha 100ug 11730 Humanzyme
HZ-1202 TNF alpha 1000ug 72590 Humanzyme
HZ-1248 TPO 10ug 4522 Humanzyme
HZ-1227 TPO 100ug 38335 Humanzyme
HZ-1249 TPO 1000ug 68799 Humanzyme
HZ-1204 VEGF121 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1205 VEGF121 100ug 29495 Humanzyme
HZ-1206 VEGF121 1000ug 76670 Humanzyme
HZ-1038 VEGF165 10ug 3842 Humanzyme
HZ-1097 VEGF165 100ug 29495 Humanzyme
HZ-1153 VEGF165 1000ug 102221 Humanzyme
HZ-1295 Wnt3A  5ug 4726 Humanzyme
HZ-1296 Wnt3A  10ug 6783 Humanzyme
HZ-1297 Wnt3A  100ug 0 Humanzyme
HZ-3001 HSA 100ug 1938 Humanzyme
HZ-3002 HSA 1000ug 5882 Humanzyme
HZ-9101 DC Generation Kit 100ML ug 5882 Humanzyme
HZ-9501 DC Generation Kit 500ML ug 25534 Humanzyme
HZ-8101 Cytokine Cocktail 1ugug 4981 Humanzyme
HZ-8501 Cytokine Cocktail 5ug ug 24633 Humanzyme