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Viagen Biotech Inc.是创新的DNA提取技术和生命科学研究产品的供应商。ViagenDirectPCR®DNA提取系统是一种单管系统,用于从小鼠尾巴,耳朵片,卵黄囊和培养细胞中快速制备DNA。由Viagen Biotech Inc.的科学家开发的正在申请的组件允许得到的DNA提取物与用于基因分型的基因组PCR相容。生物样品的粗提取物与许多分子生物学级反应(如聚合酶链反应(PCR))不相容,部分原因是粗提物中含有抑制剂。DirectPCR试剂不仅介导生物样品的快速溶解,而且还含有有效抑制粗裂解物对PCR扩增的抑制活性的抑制剂,同时zui大限度地保持了释放的基因组DNA的完整性。该过程*消除了任何溶液转移或开管步骤,节省了大量的时间和精力。DirectPCR试剂每尾只花费26美分,可以节省任何使用量。

Viagenbiotech致力于简便快速提取和制备核酸(DNA / RNA),以批量、快速进行基因分析。公司拥有的技术不仅加快样品的裂解,而且降低了粗提物中PCR抑制因素,因而使DNA提取与PCR基因分析兼容,样品经一步消化后即可进行PCR扩增,并且保证了基因组的完整性。


DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (Cell) 100ml

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Catalog No: 302-C

For use with cultured cells

Stable up to 12 months at 4℃ 

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Viagen DirectPCR® DNA Extraction System is a single-tube system for rapid preparation of DNA from mouse tails, ear pieces, yolk sac, and culture cells. The patent-pending components developed by scientists at Viagen Biotech Inc. allow the resulting DNA extracts to be compatible with genomic PCR for genotyping. Crude extracts of biological samples are not compatible with many molecular biology-grade reactions such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in part due to inhibitors contained in crude extracts. The DirectPCR reagents not only mediate the rapid lysis of biological samples but also contain inhibitors that effectively suppress the inhibitory activities of crude lysates for PCR amplification, while maximally maintaining the integrity of released genomic DNA. The patent-pending simple procedure compley eliminate any solution transfer or tube-opening steps, providing you with substantial extra time.

Brief procedure
1.  Lyse tails in DirectPCR® Lysis Reagent.
2.  Incubate for 45 min at 85°C.
3.  PCR genotyping with 1 μl lysates.

Detailed protocols:  Tail, Ear, Yolk Sac, and Cultured cells.

DirectPCR® system offers advantages over conventional protocols that include:
· Time saving: Less hands-on time. Crude tail lysates for PCR.
· Money saving: Cost-effective reactions.  
· Safe: No organic reagents. 
· Environmental: Less waste (organic reagents, tubes, tips, etc…) 
· Reliable and efficient: Virtually 100% success rate with high yields.

DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell)

301-C 50ml cultured cells

302-C 100ml cultured cells



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101-T DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse tail) 50mL 1160 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
102-T DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse tail) 100mL 2040 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
201-Y DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (yolk sac) 50mL 1160 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
202-Y DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (yolk sac) 100mL 2040 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
301-C DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell) 50mL 1160 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
302-C DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell) 100mL 2040 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
401-E DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse ear) 25mL 1160 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
402-E DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse ear) 50mL 2040 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
21141 Redsafe Nucleic Acid Staining Solution 1ml 1180 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
505-PKP  Genomic PCR Grade Proteinase K Powder 100mg 1300 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
506-PKP  Genomic PCR Grade Proteinase K Powder 200mg 2200 Viagen Biotech, Inc.
507-PKP  Genomic PCR Grade Proteinase K Powder 500mg 4700 Viagen Biotech, Inc.