PANAGENE F1009-5 说明书


Panagene公司成立于2001年,总部位于韩国。Panagene是一家专业从事PNA合成服务的公司。公司经过多年的发展,现已成为PNA合成服务的。Panagene公司*的的PNA合成技术具有简单 、费用低 、产量高 、纯度高的优势。除了RNA的服务,Panagene还为顾客提供的多肽聚合服务,Panagene致力为客户提供更多的产品与服务。


miRNA抑制剂         FISH探针

球蛋白抑制剂         HBV治疗耐药鉴定芯片

miRNA表达谱芯片       HPV 基因分型芯片

基因突变检测试剂盒系列:EGFR 基因突变检测试剂盒、 B-raf基因突变检测试剂盒、K-ras基因突变检测试剂盒。



产品编号 产品名称 规格型号 品牌
F1009-5 C-FITC, C-rich omere probe, FITC labeled 5 nmole panagene


应用(Applications) Fluorescencein situhybridization (FISH)
产品分类(Product Category) 端粒PNA探针(肽核酸标记)(omere PNA Probes ( Peptide Nucleic Acid Probes )

Human omere PNA probe
Fluorescencein situhybridization (FISH) provides information on the omere length and centromere location in individual chromosomes. Although FISH has proved to be a useful technique, it is a fairly time-consuming procedure with limitations in sensitivity. However, PNA probes show very strong signal, lower background, short hybridization time (30 min), and make it possible to hybridization reaction at the room temperature. The hybridization time of PNA probes is considerably shortened in comparison with FISH reaction using DNA probes, which requires an overnight hybridization in order to be efficiently completed on preparations.
When used with PNA probes for FISH, hybridization is fast with significantly reduced background noise that results in high signal to background noise ratio.

上海金畔生物能够提供Panagene, Inc.品牌的 F1009, C-FITC 5nmole or 10nmole/ea行货渠道信息、*信息等。