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HyMAX™Hybridoma Fusion & Cloning Supplement 20x 113004 100mL antibodyresearch
HyMAX™Hybridoma Fusion & Cloning Supplement 20x 113004 25ml antibodyresearch


antibodychain 113004  HyMAX™ Hybridoma Fusion and Cloning Supplement, 20X 大量现货

antibodychain 113004说明书如下:

HyMAX™ Hybridoma Fusion and Cloning Supplement, 20X

Catalog No.: 113004

Alternate Names: Hybridoma supplement, Hybridoma cloning factor, HCF, hybridoma cloning supplement, HCS, hybridoma cloning fusion supplement, HCFS, hybridoma growth supplement, HGS, hybridoma fusion and cloning booster, hybridoma fusion and cloning supplement, HFCS, Cell Culture Hybridoma Media Supplements

Description: HyMax™ Hybridoma Fusion and Growth Supplement is a proprietary blend of conditioned media containing various cytokines, growth factors & hormones. It is formulated to replace feeder cells during new hybridoma development. It can also be used for fast recovery of frozen cells from liquid nitrogen.

Feeder cells are routinely used during plating of cells after fusion. Typically feeder cells provide many unknown growth factors to the newly developing clones. These includes many cytokines which are involved in isotype switching and maintenance of IgG secretion by B-cells. From our many years of experience with hybridoma development we have formulated this conditioned media that support better growth & higher frequency of IgG producing clone development. It is tested for hybridoma colony forming efficiency and maintenance of IgG secretion.

Usage: Add 5mL of HyMax™ 20x to 95mL of your working media currently used for culturing cells to make 5%. Do not use HyMax™ at more than 10%. Continue with culturing cells with this media until cells have grown well for few generations. Once cells have grown well, culture may be weaned off of HyMax by gradually reducing the percentage in steps to 1%, 0.5% and 0%.

Format: Provided as a sterile filtered, tissue culture tested, 20x concentrate ready to use solution. Never frozen before shipping to customer. Each 100mL bottle is enough to make 2L of working media, enough for doing a complete hybridoma development project.

Storage: It is recommended to store at 4°C – 8°C in refrigerator until use within 6 months. It can be made into aliquots and frozen stored at -20°C – 80°C for long term to use within a 12 month period. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing, which may cause activity loss and or show precipitation.

Stability: 6 months when stored at 4°C – 8°C in refrigerator or 12 months when stored frozen. Once thawed use within 30 days or aliquot and store as needed. Do not freeze & thaw repeatedly.

Shipping: It is prepared fresh (within 30 days) and shipped in liquid form on blue ice packs.

Third party independent comparisons of HyMax to other products:

Figure-1 Analysis of cloning factor supplements for production of IgG-producing B cell hybridomas. Splenocytes were fused with SP2/0 cells, cultured for 14 days before analysis of supernatant from the cultures. Analysis was performed via anti-Fc (gamma) ELISA. IgG positive clones were identified as those producing more than 25ng/mL IgG.



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