ESGLISS-48 醇蛋白过敏原检测试剂盒说明书



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Gluten is the dough-forming protein fraction of wheat flour and is present in most bakery products. However, this protein fraction is responsible for wheat intolerance associated with coeliac disease and allergies such as exercise-induced anaphylaxis and Baker’s asthma. It is the gliadin component of gluten that appears to be the catalyst for these health problems. In coeliac disease, gliadin damages the lining of the intestine and flattens the villi that normally intrude from the intestinal surface to absorb food.

As there is currently no cure for gluten intolerance, individuals with this condition must adopt a lifelong gluten-free diet. However, it is possible that foods labelled “Gluten Free” may be contaminated during processing by equipment previously used for gluten-containing foods. Consequently, sensitive and reliable tests are required for the detection of gluten (gliadins or related prolamins) in foods. Consult with your local food authorities for your definition of “Gluten Free”.

Intended Use

The ELISA SYSTEMS Gliadin assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that may be used to screen food products for the presence of Gliadin (hence Gluten) caused by cross-contamination with products and residues containing Gliadin. It is designed for the measurement of cereal gliadin at low levels, within a range of 2.0 – 20 PPM, in raw materials, environmental swabs and finished food products. It detects the omega gliadin fraction of wheat as an indicator of total gluten.

Controls Supplied

0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 and 20 ppm Gliadin