Beta葡聚糖[混联]检测试剂盒 K-BGLU


英文名:β-Glucan Assay Kit (Mixed Linkage)


规格:100 assays per kit

市场价: 3632

分析物意义: 大麦和燕麦的主要细胞壁多糖

Megazyme检测试剂盒优点:反应迅速、试剂稳定, 只有酶检测试剂盒可用。 AOAC方法 995.16; AACC 方法 32-23

AACC Method 32-23.01, AOAC Method 995.16, EBC Methods 3.11.1, 4.16.1 and 8.11.1, ICC Standard No. 166 and RACI standard method for the measurement of 1,3:1,4-ß-D-glucan in cereal grains, milling fractions, wort and beer. Recommended/Standard procedure of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC), American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), European Brewing Convention (EBC), and International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC). Content:100 assays per kit

Colourimetric method for the determination of β-Glucan in
cereal grains, feed, foodstuffs, beverages and other materials

(1) β-Glucan + H2O → β-gluco-oligosaccharides

(2) β-Gluco-oligosaccharides + H2O → D-glucose

(glucose oxidase)
(3) D-Glucose + H2O + O2 → D-gluconate + H2O2

(4) 2H2O2 + p-hydroxybenzoic acid + 4-aminoantipyrine →
quinoneimine + 4H2O

Kit size: 100 assays
Method: Spectrophotometric at 510 nm
Total assay time: ~ 100 min
Detection limit: 0.5-100% of sample weight
Application examples:
Oats, barley, malt, wort, beer, food and other materials
Method recognition:
AOAC (Method 995.16), AACC (Method 32-23.01), EBC (Methods
3.10.1, 4.16.1 and 8.13.1), ICC (Standard No. 166), RACI (Standard
Method) and CODEX (Type II Method)


  • Very cost effective
  • All reagents stable for > 2 years as supplied
  • Only enzymatic kit available
  • Very specific
  • Simple format
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing
  • Standard included