ReliaTech 300-090H 说明书

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ReliaTech GmbH (Receptor Ligand Technologies GmbH的简称)是后基因组德国生物技术公司成立于1999。除了研究公司的产品开发,生产和销售高质量的血管生成和淋巴管的研究研究试剂。
作为一个有自己内部的试剂生产reliatech GmbH公司还提供为客户特定的试剂生产解决方案。我们在蛋白质纯化方面的深刻经验和日常实验室业务的实践经验也渗透到我们的基于客户的项目中,使我们成为需要单个生产解决方案的项目的合格合作伙伴。

Bovine ECGF (Crude Extract, cell culture grade) + Heparin

Size:   6 mg

Formulation:  Crude extract ; lyophilized (freeze-dried)

Catalog Number:  300-090H

Synonyms:  Endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF); Endothelial cell growth supplement (ECGS)

Application:  cell culture

Biological activity:  Optimum concentration for human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) range from 50-200 µg/ml, optimal concentration with heparin (50 µg/ml) is about 12 µg/ml.

Reactivity:  human cells, mouse cells, cattle cells, pig cells

Stability:  Also stable at 4 °C for several weeks it is recommended to store the product below 0 °C. After reconstitution the product shout be stored in aliquots at -20 °C to -70 °C.

Reconstitution:  Reconstitute the contents of the vial in 2 ml of prewarmed (37 °C) sterile PBS or water. Gently rotate the vial until the contents are dissolved. This stock solution may be further diluted in sterile tissue culture media to obtain the desired working concentrations. It is recommended that medium containing diluted product is aseptically filtered prior to use.

Remarks:   BSE-free tested!

Description:  Endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF) is an extract of bovine brain containing growth promoting factors for vascular endothelial cells of mammalian origin. ECGF has also been reported to be beneficial as a media supplement for the fusion and growth of hybridoma cells in monoclonal antibody production. Endothelial cell growth factor is prepared using a modification of the method of Maciag, et al. (1979) lyophilized from a sterile solution containing NaCl and streptomycin sulfate. Endothelial cells from human umbilical vein (HUVEC) can be established as primary cultures by traditional methods. The serial propagation of these cells has proved to be difficult. The long-term propagation of these cells in vitro can be achieved with an extract prepared from bovine brain. The introduction of a fibronectin or collagen matrix to the cell culture system allows to c*te endothelial cells at clonal densities. With ECGF, the FCS requirement can be reduced. Heparin potentiates the mitogenic activity of crude preparations of ECGF. ECGF has also been reported to eliminate the need for feeder cells in the clonal growth of hybridomas and other cell types.



Product Species Host/System Cat. Number Size
ECGF (Crude Extract, cell culture grade) + Heparin Bovine Cattle 300-090H 6 mg
ECGF (Crude Extract, cell culture grade) + Heparin Bovine Cattle 300-090H-5 5×6 mg
ECGFpro1 + Heparin (complete for blood ECs) Bovine Cattle 300-090H-B 6 mg
ECGFpro2 + Heparin (complete for lymphatic ECs) Bovine Cattle 300-090H-L 6 mg